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Fitness and Health or Japanese Tattooing Now

Fitness and Health

Author: Brian J Sharkey

Fitness and Health explains in plain English how the body responds to physical activity, why physical activity is so important to health, and how best to become physically active. You'll learn how to create programs to improve your aerobic fitness; increase your muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility; control your diet and weight; and improve your performance at work and in sports. With more than 100,000 copies sold, this classic reference (formerly titled Physiology of Fitness) is your source for accurate and insightful information. Now updated and redesigned, this comprehensive text will show you how to improve and maintain your health through regular and enjoyable physical activity.

Library Journal

In this age of trendy diets and looming obesity statistics, this book couldn't be more useful. Fitness researcher, educator, and author Sharkey (health & human performance, emeritus, Univ. of Montana), who first published this renowned guide in 1974, here teams up with Olympic coach Gaskill (health & human performance, Univ. of Montana) for the sixth edition. Known as the "thinking person's fitness book," this work discusses not only how to eat and exercise well but also why one should adopt such a lifestyle. The authors maintain a focus on the emotional as well as physical benefits of exercise and support their recommendations with relevant research studies and statistics. The book's scholarly nature makes it a staple in many college health courses, but in this particular edition, which encourages engaging in "the active life" rather than just focusing on performance, Sharkey and Gaskill also draw in the average reader by including straightforward sample fitness programs, training tips, activities, and basic injury care. Their relaxed tone and dispersed inspirational quotes from such luminaries as Chinese Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu and science fiction/fantasy author Ursula K. Le Guin also engage readers. Essential for academic and larger public libraries. Jennifer Johnston, formerly with San Bernardino P.L., CA Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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Japanese Tattooing Now: Memory and Transition, Classic Horimono to the New One Point Style

Author: Michael McCab

Japanese men have been marked by tattoo artists for the past 300 years. Today's urbane Japanese youth continue the tradition, proudly creating and wearing this ever changing art form. Over 530 breathtaking color photos display a vast range of Japanese tattoos, from traditional full-body forms repleat with classical images steeped in symbolism, including Horimono, to modern One-Point style, heavily influenced by the cultures of the West. The fascinating text provides a glimpse of Japan's youth culture and recounts, through personal interviews, stories of Japanese masters of the tattoo art, including Senseis Horihide, Horiyoshi III, Horitoshi I, Horiyasu, and Horikoi. Readers will see some of the most intricate tattoo art in the world, while traveling through time from the 19th century Edo Floating World to the busy streets of modern Tokyo.

Curas Alternativas or What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Diabetes

Curas Alternativas ( Alternative Cures)

Author: Bill Gottlieb

¡Más de 1,000 remedios comprobados por doctores para ser tan eficaces o hasta mejores que fármacos o cirugía!

- Un nutriente que impide los efectos secundarios de los fármacos para la artritis (página 65)
- Un ejercicio rápido que puede aliviar el dolor de espalda (página 232)
- La "cápsula de la juventud" que combate la fatiga (página 314)
- Un "cóctel herbario" que en 24 horas para la gripe en seco (página 353)
- Un aminoácido que funciona tan bien como la Viagra (página 387)
- Una crema hormonal natural que reconstruye hueso (página 468)
- Un remedio casero que frena los antojos por azúcar casi inmediatamente (página 586)

EN ESTE LIBRO ÚNICO, 300 expertos en medicina natural de los EE.UU. --entre ellos los mejores médicos con tendencia hacia la medicina alternativa, herbolarios, nutricionistas, naturópatas, homeópatas y otros curadores holísticos-- revelan sus más eficaces remedios naturales para 130 problemas de la salud comunes y graves.

Además, aquí encontrará:
- 60 ilustraciones fáciles de seguir para realizar ejercicios de curación y utilizar los puntos de presión calmantes del cuerpo
- Docenas de recursos para conseguir productos naturales y consultar a profesionales de la medicina alternativa
- Una guía de consulta rápida para asegurar una fácil comprensión de 22 métodos de curación alternativa
- Para cada problema, consejos expertos que indican cuándo debe conseguir ayudaprofesional

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What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Diabetes: An Innovative Program to Prevent, Treat, and Beat This Controllable Disease

Author: Steven V Joyal

Mention diabetes and what are the first things that leap to mind? Sugar levels, gluclose monitoring, and insulin? According to leading diabetes specialist Dr. Stevan Joyal, to truly combat the diabetes epidemic--both preventing it and improving the quality of life for those who have it--we must start smaller, by focusing on the microscopic yet most critical factors that control your genes and your cells. In WHAT YOUR DOCTOR MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT DIABETES, Dr. Joyal tells readers how to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes and reverse prediabetes (a condition affecting half of all Americans), by positively influencing the genes and cells in the body that cause the condition--all without the use of special gadgets, or crazy fad diets. In this groundbreaking, integrative treatment plan, you will find:
-the testing procedures that EVERYONE should have to discover their diabetes and prediabetes risk level
-tools to prevent and significantly control minor to serious diabetic complications
-important guidelines on diet, including especially effective "superfoods"
-an individualized, scientifically-proven natural supplement regime
-a manageable and effective exercise program
-lifestyle changes, including stress reduction tips, that can really make a difference
-recommendations on pharmaceuticals when necessary

Change One or The Relaxation Response

Change One: The Diet and Fitness Plan

Author: Readers Digest

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The Relaxation Response

Author: Herbert Benson

When Dr. Herbert Benson introduced this simple, effective, mind/body approach to relieve stress in The Relaxation Response twenty-five years ago, the book became an instant national bestseller. Since that time, millions of people have learned the secret of the relaxation response--without high-priced lectures, drugs, or prescription medicine. The tremendous success of this approach has turned The Relaxation Response into the classic reference recommended by most health care professionals and authorities to treat the harmful effects of stress.

This revitalizing, therapeutic approach, discovered by Dr. Benson and his colleagues in the laboratories of Harvard Medical School and its teaching hospitals, is now routinely recommended to treat patients suffering from heart conditions, high blood pressure, chronic pain, insomnia, and many other physical ailments. Requiring only minutes to learn, and just ten to twenty minutes of practice twice a day, the Relaxation Response has proven to be one of the most effective ways to relieve the tensions of modern-day living for a richer, healthier, more productive life.

Noah Gordan

The Relaxation Response can show us how to lower our blood pressure, change our harassed personalities, and, perhaps, even save our lives. —Journal of Human Stress

David W. Ewing

Pills, special diets, and exercises can help some people, but The Relaxation Response as Dr. Benson describes it can help everyone. —Harvard Business Review

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Allergy Free Cookbook or Prayer That Heals

Allergy-Free Cookbook

Author: Alice Sherwood

Packed with tasty and healthy family recipes that can be made without the "big four" allergens-gluten, eggs, nuts and dairy-this reassuring cookbook explains how to adapt classic recipes to avoid harmful ingredients and how to create a healthy, balanced diet for the entire family. Alice Sherwood also offers advice on party planning for those with food allergies.

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Prayer That Heals: Praying for Healing in the Family

Author: Francis Macnutt

In this revised edition of Francis MacNutt's popular handbook on prayer for healing, MacNutt introduces the idea that God still heals and that all followers of Jesus can become instruments of that healing power. MacNutt, an internationally known Christian healing minister and spokesperson, describes how to begin praying for healing, how to be patient in prayer, and how to pray in your own words. All Christians are invited to pray for hurting family members and friends. MacNutt's open, appealing style and personal stories build upon the Scripture references and scholarly studies on healing in order to empower believers to confidently imitate Jesus here and now.

Author Bio:Francis MacNutt is a pioneer and wellrespected expert in the modern revival of the ministry of healing. He and his wife, Judith, are directors of Christian Healing Ministries in Clearwater, Florida. In addition to The Prayer That Heals, he is also the author of the other bestselling books, The Power to Heal and Healing.

Hypoglycemia For Dummies or Vibrational Medicine

Hypoglycemia For Dummies

Author: Cheryl Chow

Hypoglycemia simply means “low blood-sugar,” but without concrete symptoms it’s very hard to diagnose. It is nevertheless a condition that should be watched over carefully. People react differently to low blood sugar as well as to the treatment they receive. Hypoglycemia for Dummies explores this fickle condition and shows you how to manage your blood sugar to feel better.

This no-nonsense, plain-English guide lays out the facts you need to maintain a healthy body. It offers expert advice on identifying symptoms, changing lifestyles, and also extensive coverage on diet, exercise, alternative treatments, and the link between low blood sugar and diabetes. This expanded 2nd edition provides:

• A thorough explanation of hypoglycemia and how it affects your body

• Exercise routines that lead to a healthier lifestyle

• Diet suggestions on what to eat and how often

• A basis for choosing a doctor that’s right for you

• Vitamins and supplements that treat your symptoms

• Ways to manage hypoglycemia in the workplace

• An explanation of how hypoglycemia affects family and friends

• Methods to de-stress yourself

Complete with tips on helping other hypoglycemics and myth-debunking facts about the disease, Hypoglycemia for Dummies is the fast and simple way to learn and treat the condition, with the help of the most up-to-date medical information available. Escape the blood sugar blues and starting feeling better in no time!

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Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies

Author: Richard Gerber

The original comprehensive guide to energetic healing with a new preface by the author and updated resources.

• More than 125,000 copies sold.

• Explores the actual science of etheric energies, replacing the Newtonian worldview with a new model based on Einstein's physics of energy.

• Summarizes key points at the end of each chapter to help the serious student absorb and retain the wealth of information presented.

Vibrational Medicine has gained widespread acceptance by individuals, schools, and health-care institutions nationwide as the textbook of choice for the study of alternative medicine. Trained in a variety of alternative therapies as well as conventional Western medicine, Dr. Gerber provides an encyclopedic treatment of energetic healing, covering subtle-energy fields, acupuncture, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, radionics, crystal healing, electrotherapy, radiology, chakras, meditation, and psychic healing. He explains current theories about how various energy therapies work and offers readers new insights into the physical and spiritual perspectives of health and disease. 

Table of Contents:
Preface to the Third Edition27
I.Of Holograms, Energy & Vibrational Medicine: An Einsteinian View of Living Systems39
The Marvels of Laser Light: Holography as a New Model of Reality45
"As Above, So Below": The Holographic Principle in Nature48
The Scientific Evidence: A Search for the Etheric Body51
Clues from the Phantom Leaf: The Etheric Body as a Hologram54
News from the World of Particle Physics: Matter as Frozen Light & Its Implications for Medicine56
"As Below, So Above": The Universe as a Cosmic Hologram60
Chapter Summary: New Energetic Principles for a New Age65
II.Newtonian vs. Einsteinian Medicine: Historical Perspectives on the Art & Science of Healing71
Herbal Medicine: Drug Therapy's Earliest Beginnings72
Homeopathic Medicine: A Radical Step Beyond Herbs73
The Wonders of Water: What Makes It All Possible77
A Subtle Energy Model for Healing with Homeopathy80
III.The Earliest Beginnings of Medical Energetic Approaches: The Birth of Vibrational Medicine91
The Discovery & Development of X-Rays: Early Medical Models of Using Energy for Diagnosis & Treatment92
Electrotherapy: From Suppressing Pain to Healing Fractures93
X-Rays Revisited: The Development of the CAT Scanner101
Beyond the CAT Scanner: The Body According to MRI103
A Step Beyond--EMR Scanning & Electrography: On the Threshold of the Etheric106
IV.Frequency Domains & the Subtle Planes of Matter: An Introduction to Human Multidimensional Anatomy119
The Physical-Etheric Interface: The Next Greatest Discovery in the Development of Vibrational Medicine121
The Chakras & the Nadis: An Indian Subtle Energetic Anatomy Lesson128
The Astral Body: The Seat of Our Emotions & a Mechanism for Disembodied Consciousness135
A Scientific Model of Frequency Domains: The Tiller-Einstein Model of Positive-Negative Space/Time143
The Mental Body, the Causal Body, & the Higher Spiritual Bodies153
A Frequency Model of Our Extended Subtle Energetic Anatomy: A Framework for Understanding the Multidimensional Human Being155
Reincarnation & Human Transformation: A Multidimensional Model of the Evolution of Consciousness161
V.Subtle-Energy Systems & Their Relevance to Ancient Approaches toward Healing173
Acupuncture & the Chinese Philosophy of Healing: Modern Approaches to an Ancient Method of Diagnosis & Treatment173
Yin/Yang & the Five Elements: The Chinese View of Nature175
Chronobiology & the Acupuncture Meridian System182
The Acupuncture Meridian System as a Diagnostic Interface185
The Meridian-Glial Cell Network: An Electrical Interface with the Human Nervous System189
The Acupuncture Meridian System as a Therapeutic Interface: A Return to the Concept of Healing with Energy198
VI.New Windows on an Unseen World: The Development of Subtle Energetic Technologies203
Meridian-Based Diagnostic Systems: Hahnemann Updated with New Age Technologies203
EAV & Environment Illnesses: A New Look at Clinical Ecology215
From EAV to Radionics: A Pure Frequency Model of Diagnosis & Therapy222
Mechanisms of Action in Radionics & Radiesthesia: A Further Look into the Chakra-Nervous System Link226
VII.The Evolution of Vibrational Medicine: Learning to Heal with the Wisdom of Nature241
Learning to Heal with Flower Remedies: Dr Bach Discovers the Hidden Gifts of Nature242
A Revolution in Healing with Flower Essences: Gurudas' Contribution toward a Synthesis of Vibrational Medicine248
Karma, Consciousness & the Crystalline Network: The Pineal Gland's Link with the Right Cerebral Hemisphere255
The Problem of Miasms: Our Energetic Tendencies toward Illness259
A Closer Look at Some of the Newer Flower Essences: Revolutionary Methods of Healing at the Physical & Ethereal Levels264
Gem Elixirs & Chromotherapy: Further Explorations into Healing with Vibration271
The Healing Power of Sunlight & Water: New Revelations in Understanding the Vibrational Gifts of Nature279
VIII.The Phenomenon of Psychic Healing: Exploring the Evidence for an Undiscovered Human Potential285
Psychic Healing as an Aspect of Human Potential: An Historical Look at Its Evolution through the Ages286
Modern Investigations into Psychic Healing: Scientists Examine the Biological Effects of Healers289
Energetic Similarities Between Healers & Magnetic Fields: Science Takes a Closer Look at Animal Magnetism295
Healing Energies & Negative Entropy: The Drive toward Increased Order & Cellular Organization301
Dr. Krieger Looks at Healers & Hemoglobin: The Evolution of Therapeutic Touch306
From Magnetic Passes to Spiritual Healing: A Multidimensional Model of Healing Energies313
IX.Crystals & the Human Subtle Energetic System: The Rediscovery of an Ancient Healing Art325
An Esoteric History of Crystalline Technologies: The Roots of Silicon Valley in the Lost Continent of Atlantis328
Healing with Quartz Crystals: The Rediscovery of Ancient Tools for the Transformation of Illness337
New Perspectives on the Mineral Kingdom: The Energies of Nature & the Seven Crystal Systems349
Hidden Gifts from within the Earth: The Spiritual & Healing Qualities of Gems & Stones357
X.The Interconnecting Web of Life: Our Relationship with the Chakras369
A New Model of Illness & Wellness: Disease as a Manifestation of Chakra Dysfunction370
Chakra Dynamics & the Spiritual Lessons of Personal Evolution391
The Energies of Kundalini & the Search for Enlightenment: How the Chakras Function in the Development of Higher Consciousness393
Meditation, Reincarnation & Human Illness: The Chakras as Repositories of Karmic Energy399
Physiologic Concepts of Meditation & Enlightenment: Bentov's Model of Heart-Brain Resonance & the Physio-Kundalini Syndrome401
XI.Holistic Healing & Paradigm Shifts: The Emergence of Medicine for the New Age415
Vibrational Healing & Holistic Medicine: The Gradual Shift from Reductionism to Holism422
Stress, Illness & Wellness: Creating New Definitions of Health & Wholeness436
XII.Personal & Planetary Evolution: Vibrational Healing & Its Implications for an Evolving Humanity467
Personal Responsibility & Spiritual Growth: Our Innate Potential for Self-Healing468
The Cosmic Cycle of Regeneration & Rebirth: Ancient Philosophies for a New Age482
Vibrational Medicine as the Spiritual Science of the Future: The Next Evolutionary Step in Personal & Planetary Transformation495
XIII.Recent Developments in Vibrational Medicine503
The Comeback of Homeopathy503
Flower Essences and Vibrational Elixirs510
Electromagnetic Healing Devices and the Cure for Cancer: An Update and the Past Revisited512
Vibrational Healing with Sound519
Healers, the Human Heart, and the Earthfield Hypothesis: A Healing Connection525
AppendixThe Tiller-Einstein Model of Positive-Negative Space/Time534
Recommended Reading566
Resource Guide577
List of Diagrams584
About the Author607

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The Island of the Colorblind or Bypassing Bypass Surgery

The Island of the Colorblind

Author: Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks has always been fascinated by islands--their remoteness, their mystery, above all the unique forms of life they harbor. For him, islands conjure up equally the romance of Melville and Stevenson, the adventure of Magellan and Cook, and the scientific wonder of Darwin and Wallace.

Drawn to the tiny Pacific atoll of Pingelap by intriguing reports of an isolated community of islanders born totally color-blind, Sacks finds himself setting up a clinic in a one-room island dispensary, where he listens to these achromatopic islanders describe their colorless world in rich terms of pattern and tone, luminance and shadow. And on Guam, where he goes to investigate the puzzling neurodegenerative paralysis endemic there for a century, he becomes, for a brief time, an island neurologist, making house calls with his colleague John Steele, amid crowing cockerels, cycad jungles, and the remains of a colonial culture.

The islands reawaken Sacks' lifelong passion for botany--in particular, for the primitive cycad trees, whose existence dates back to the Paleozoic--and the cycads are the starting point for an intensely personal reflection on the meaning of islands, the dissemination of species, the genesis of disease, and the nature of deep geologic time. Out of an unexpected journey, Sacks has woven an unforgettable narrative which immerses us in the romance of island life, and shares his own compelling vision of the complexities of being human.

Charles Taylor

Oliver Sacks' writings are as much about his own curiosity as they are about the medical mysteries he investigates. At his best, he removes any sense of embarrassment from his inquires. Perhaps better than any other writer, he understands what someone explains to him in his new book, Island of the Colorblind: that a sick person's sickness must become an acknowledged part of our response to that human being. Sacks' curiosity is the real thing. It is also, judging by this book, starting to wear a bit.

The tour of the Pacific islands Sacks writes about here resulted from a dovetailing of two interests: a lifelong fascination with islands and the case of an artist who went colorblind after a car accident, which is described in his last book, An Anthropologist on Mars. Sacks had heard about an island where a large number of the inhabitants were colorblind. He enlisted the aid of Knut Nordby, a Norwegian physiologist who had written about a similar island in Norway. What they found on their journey makes up the first half of the book, while Sacks' trip to Guam, where a number of people suffered from a mysterious virus, makes up the second half. He sums up the elusive nature of this island disease thus: "The disease is indeed dying out at last, and the researchers who seek its cause grow more pressured, more vexed, by the day: Will the quarry ... elude them finally, tantalizingly, by disappearing at the moment they are about to grasp it?"

There's no doubting Sacks' attentiveness and compassion toward his patients. But The Island of the Colorblind makes me wish for a writer who could stay more on the point. His digressions are sometimes his finest moments, but Sacks' claim to be investigating the mystery of hereditary colorblindness can't disguise the fact that this book is an idiosyncratic and maddeningly circular travelogue. There's something charming about a man so willing to examine what catches his interest, but also something exasperating about one who's distracted by whatever comes into his line of view. It must be hell to have him with you when you're trying to duck in and out of the market for a few things. -- Salon

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Bypassing Bypass Surgery

Author: Elmer M Cranton

More than one million Americans undergo heart bypass surgery and balloon angioplasty every year at a cost of fifty billion dollars. But there is a simple, nonsurgical method to open clogged arteries that is administered in the doctor's office. Chelation therapy works in all the arteries at once, it's much safer, and is much less expensive.

World of Tattoo or Electrical Nutrition

World of Tattoo

Author: tba

Despite a growing fascination with tattooing among social scientists - and the popularity of tattoos themselves in general - the practice of tattooing still lacks a comprehensive historical record. Until very recently, there was no good context for writing a serious world history of tattooing. The present volume for the first time manages to convey the richness of the history of tattooing from antiquity to the present day.
Unlike most other tattoo books it does not describe one aspect but rather aims to convey the overall picture. Each of the seven continents is described in terms of tattoo history and tattoo practices. Thus the book provides the reader with a truly global view of tattooing. It adds new information and new examples and insights which help the reader to gain a new perspective.

By combining empirical history, powerful cultural analysis, and a highly readable style, the author adds an important step to the ongoing effort of writing a meaningful cultural history of tattooing. He does not draw new conclusions or present shocking new theories, but suggests and invites the reader to form his own opinions. This publication presents the reader with an almost overwhelming amount of textual and visual information. From the well known examples from Tahiti to rarely seen Chinese tattoos, from the Ice Maiden to modern day Western tattoos; they are all there. Many of the approximately 400 colour illustrations are unique images that have never been published before.

Table of Contents:
Preface and acknowledgements5
Archaeological finds24
Asian influences25
Greek and Roman punitive tattoos30
Britannia, land of the painted people32
Christian practices in the Middle Ages36
Rediscovery by explorers40
Growth of tattooing among criminals and prostitutes43
Japanese influence on high society47
The emancipation of the tattoo49
China and Japan55
An indicator of low social status in China58
The flowering of decorative tattoo art in Japan60
Cultural heritage sidelined68
Southeast Asia71
Sexual motifs in trouser tattoos73
Magical tattoos of animals and gods80
Tribal traditions on Chinese islands81
Piercing and tattooing on the Philippines85
Tattooed weaving patterns92
Borneo : inspiration for New Tribalism102
Elegant lines and curves on Mentawai110
Burn marks as signs of male courage111
Tattoos as Hindu caste markings120
Headhunting mountain tribes127

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Electrical Nutrition: A Revolutionary Approach to Eating That Awakens the Body's Natural Electrical Energy

Author: Denie Hiestand

Completely revised and updated, this groundbreaking self-published book has sold more than 15,000 copies through limited exposure and distribution. Electrical Nutrition outlines the authors' revolutionary theories on health and nutrition based on an electrical model. Everything we think, feel, eat, and do triggers electrical responses in our bodies. Each of our cells is electrically charged, and therefore the electrical availability of what we eat has a profound effect on our health, vitality, and well-being. Instead of focusing on the chemical reactions that occur in every system of the human body, the authors contend that there is a simultaneous electrical reaction that has an equally, if not even more, important impact on our ability to digest and benefit from the food we consume. Any interruption to the flow of the body's natural electrical circuitry will have a negative effect on a cellular level which, in turn, will promote disease.

Electrical Nutrition offers a practical program that includes menu plans and a listing of the best "electrically available" foods-a plan that will dramatically increase stamina, vitality, and even libido. By eliminating foods that are "electrically dead," we can rid the body of toxins that promote obesity and a host of illnesses, from chronic fatigue to heart disease, while boosting the body's natural energy and immune function.

Author Biography: Denie and Shelley Hiestand are nutritional consultants in private practice and the founders of the International Institute of Vibrational Wellness(tm) where they teach courses in health, nutrition, and personal growth.

Denie Hiestand is the author of Journey toTruth.

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Overcoming Autism or Beyond the Influence

Overcoming Autism: Finding the Answers, Strategies, and Hope That Can Transform a Child's Life

Author: Lynn Kern Koegel

There have been huge advances in our ability to diagnose autism and in the development of effective interventions that can change children's lives. In this extraordinary book, Lynn Kern Koegel, a leading clinician, researcher, and cofounder of the renowned Autism Research Center at the University of California at Santa Barbara, combines her cutting-edge expertise with the everyday perspectives of Claire LaZebnik, a writer whose experience with a son with autism provides a rare window into the disorder. Together, they draw on the highly effective "pivotal response" approach developed at the center to provide concrete ways of improving the symptoms of autism and the emotional struggles that surround it, while reminding readers never to lose sight of the humor that lurks in the disability's quirkiness or the importance of enjoying your child. From the shock of diagnosis to the step-by-step work with verbal communication, social interaction, self- stimulation, meltdowns, fears, and more, the answers are here-in a book that is as warm and nurturing as it is authoritative.

Publishers Weekly

Clinician Koegel (cofounder of the Autism Research Center at the University of California Santa Barbara) and novelist LaZebnik (Same As It Ever Was), mother of an autistic boy, team up "to show you how intelligent, well-planned early interventions... can improve the symptoms of autism enormously." That doesn't mean that they offer easy remedies to what's practically an epidemic (they estimate 1 in 150 births result in an autistic child). The technique of "applied behavior analysis" (a behavior modification program stressing close observation and positive reinforcement by parents and doctors), say the authors, can reduce the withdrawal and other characteristic behaviors of autism while improving a child's prognosis for intellectual and social development. They organize chapters by behaviors typical of autism, e.g., "Ending the Long Silence"; "Tears, Meltdowns, Aggression, and Self-Injury"; and "Self Stimulation." The coauthors take turns in each chapter, first discussing symptoms clinically and then anecdotally from a parent's perspective. Koegel believes disruptiveness and self-involvement are often attempts to communicate, and suggests ways to tailor replacements for such conduct. LaZebnik adds soothing, often wry first-person advice. As the mother of a boy who "was entirely nonverbal at age two and a half," LaZebnik's good news leavens Koegel's sometimes daunting program of behavior analysis, positive modeling and incentives. Encouraging but realistic, the authors' humane, proactive tactics toward improving autistic behavior will interest parents willing to take a labor-intensive, teaching approach to their child's disorder. Agent, Kim Witherspoon. (On sale Apr. 12) Forecast: Parents of autistic children should gravitate to this optimistic guide's bright yellow book jacket, aided by a five-city author tour and national print features. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1Diagnosis: Surviving the Worst News You'll Ever Get1
Chapter 2Ending the Long Silence: Teaching Your Child to Communicate37
Chapter 3Tears, Meltdowns, Aggression, and Self-Injury: Breaking the Cycle73
Chapter 4Self-Stimulation: Flapping, Banging, Twirling, and Other Repetitive Behaviors113
Chapter 5Social Skills: Turning Language and Play Into Meaningful Interactions133
Chapter 6Battling Fears and Fixations: Bringing Your Child Back to the Real World185
Chapter 7Education: Finding the Right School Placement and Making it Even More Right210
Chapter 8Family Life: Fighting Your Way Back to Normalcy252
Conclusion: Another Angle on Andrew284
Behavior Data Sheet293
Toilet Training Data Sheet294

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Beyond the Influence: Understanding and Defeating Alcoholism

Author: Katherine Ketcham

This invaluable work will contribute much to the battle against our number one disease."
--from the Foreword by George McGovern, former senator and author of Terry: My Daughter's Life-and-Death Struggle with Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a disease. It's time we started treating it like one.

Science has offered undisputed proof that alcoholism is a disease rather than a weakness of character, yet millions of alcoholics continue to suffer due to inappropriate treatment.  Now the co-author of the modern classic Under the Influence has teamed up with prominent alcoholism experts to provide new answers to this national epidemic.

Based on the latest scientific research, Beyond the Influence clearly explains the neurological nature of the disease and reveals why some people drink addictively and others do not.  It also spells out what needs to be done to treat alcoholism, including:
Steps to take for an intervention
How to find the right treatment program
Which psychological approaches work best
Why spirituality is essential to recovery
New insights into relapse prevention
What you should know about diet, exercise, and nontraditional treatments such as acupuncture
Provocative and eye-opening, compelling and compassionate, Beyond the Influence is not only a message of hope for alcoholics--it is a blueprint for saving lives.

BEYOND THE INFLUENCE explains that alcoholism is a disease of the body, not a weakness of character. Drawing on the latest scientific studies, the authors present new research on the central role of genetics and neurotransmitters in addiction. Continuingwhere the prior book left off, it also includes:

Steps for diagnosis and intervention, plus ways to prevent relapses
Various treatment models, including inpatient and out-patient programs and a review of new drug treatments
The most effective types of psychological counseling
The critical role of nutrition
Non-traditional healing methods for recovery
The importance of a spiritual component to recovery

The authors also critique our nation's alcoholism policies, including education and prevention programs, efforts to curtail college bingeing and underage drinking, and the advertising and marketing strategies of the alcohol industry. -->

Publishers Weekly

In the nearly 20 years since Ketcham coauthored Under the Influence, it has become a classic in identifying and treating alcohol addiction. Now, with new coauthor Asbury (an experienced journalist and "recovered" alcoholic), she restates much of her original material, with additional support from recent scientific research. The authors define alcoholism as "a genetically transmitted neurological disease," not the result of a character defect or moral weakness. They explain in exhaustive detail the effects of "the drug alcohol" on the human body and brain in both alcoholics and nonalcoholics. Clearly and concisely, they offer abundant information on such usually neglected topics as the importance of nutrition and identifying early to middle-stage symptoms of the disease. They also break with conventional wisdom in other ways, encouraging intervention rather than waiting for alcoholics to "hit bottom" and seek help on their own, and they label alcoholics with six years of sobriety as "recovered" rather than continually "recovering." The most surprising statistic here is the relatively small number of people who consume most of the alcohol sold; the authors level a stinging indictment of the "Big Alcohol" industry and its deceptive tactics. The glare of their harsh light also falls on the government (for failing to hold the alcohol industry accountable and for jailing alcoholics rather than getting them into treatment that works), and on doctors (for failing to identify the disease earlier and treat it as a hereditary biochemical disorder that requires medical and nutritional treatment). This book offers a plethora of timely information; a blow to old stigmas, myths and stereotypes; and hope for a future in which many senseless tragedies can be avoided and lives saved. (Apr.) Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.|

The Taming of the Chew or Taoist Secrets of Love

The Taming of the Chew: A Holistic Guide to Stopping Compulsive Eating

Author: Denise C Lamoth

Psychologist and doctor of holistic health Denise Lamothe presents a complete program to combat overeating, showing compulsive eaters how to take control of their dependence on and obsession with food. Lamothe targets the enemy as "the Chew," which she describes as the "hurtful, persistent, out-of-control part of each of us." The Chew is what keeps overeaters from sticking to a dietary plan and can compel them to go on eating binges. Lamothe shows how to tame the Chew by explaining the problem from psychological, social, spiritual, and biological perspectives; presenting her comprehensive plan for holistic healing and change; and showing how to avoid relapses by building self-esteem.

Interesting book: Marie Claire Makeup or The Competitive Runners Handbook

Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy

Author: Mantak Chia

According to the authors, few men ever tap into their sexual energy that is sleeping deep inside their bodies. In this book Chia reveals for the first time the ancient sexual secrets of the Taoist sages. Simple exercises and straightforward language teach how to conserve and transform sexual energy, invigorating and rejuvenating the body's vital functions. 2 cassettes.

The False Fat Diet or Breast Cancer Survivors Fitness Plan

The False Fat Diet: The Revolutionary 21-Day Program for Losing the Weight You Think Is Fat

Author: Elson Haas MD

It's a fact: not all weight is really fat. Much of being overweight is caused by allergy-like food reactions. This "false fat" is easy to put on, but it can be hard to take off. Now you can do it—this week—with the revolutionary False Fat Diet. In just a few days, you can lose 5-10 pounds—and 10-20 pounds within two or three weeks. This healthy, practical 21-day nutritional program includes:

  • Identifying which foods you react to—and replacing them with the right foods for your body chemistry
  • False Fat Week—the amazing 7-day period when your swelling and puffiness subside, as you lose ten pounds
  • The Balance Program—a personally customized diet that returns your metabolism to normal, and takes pounds off steadily as you reach your ideal weight
  • Delicious, easy-to-prepare, reaction-free recipes, created with popular, health-conscious chefs, that don't drastically cut calories the way other diets do
This scientific, no-hunger, individualized regimen is the only diet that can work for everyone.

About the Authors:
Elson M. Haas, M.D., Medical Director of the Preventive Medical Center of Marin in San Rafael, California, is one of the nation's leading practitioners of integrative medicine. Dr. Haas's highly acclaimed books include Staying Healthy with Nutrition, The Detox Diet (Quality Paperback Book Club Best Health Book, 1998), A Diet for All Seasons, and Staying Healthy with the Seasons. He lives with his family on a farm in Sonoma County, California, where he grows food and raises animals.

Cameron Stauth, one of America's leading medical writers, is the author of nine critically acclaimed books, including Brain Longevity, The Pain Cure (both with D. S. Khalsa, M.D.), and The New Approach to Cancer. His many articles have appeared in Esquire, Prevention, and the New York Times Magazine.

What People Are Saying

Gary Null
Elson Haas is the doctor you turn to when you need a professional and sensible perspective on integrated health care.
—(Gary Null, Author, radio and TV personality)

Kathleen Desmaisons
An awesome contribution to the puzzle of losing weight. I will recommend this to everyone I know. Clear, reflective, and easy to use. A real gem!
—(Kathleen Desmaisons, Ph.D., Author of Potatoes Not Prozac

Books about: Womens Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine or Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body

Breast Cancer Survivor's Fitness Plan: Reclaim Health, Regain Strength, Live Longer

Author: Carolyn M Kaelin

The only breast cancer recovery program designed by a Harvard doctor and survivor and approved by the American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Feel healthy again. Regain control of your life.

Exciting new research reveals that regular exercise can reduce the chance of breast cancer recurrence and extend your life. Exercise can also help you recover energy, strength, and flexibility diminished by lifesaving breast cancer treatments.

Dr. Carolyn Kaelin is a leading breast cancer surgeon who understands the important links among exercise, recovery, and the quality of life--and she is a breast cancer survivor, too. Designed with master trainers Josie Gardner and Joy Prouty, The Breast Cancer Survivor's Fitness Plan features effective, inspiring workouts tailored for each type of surgery and adapted for differing fitness levels.

Feel strong again and

  • Improve your flexibility and balance
  • Rebuild your muscles
  • Protect your bones
  • Enhance your appearance, vitality, and all-around health

For more information on Dr. Kaelin about breast cancer treatment and recovery, read her award-winning book Living Through Breast Cancer.

Carolyn M. Kaelin, M.D., M.P.H., FACS, is founding director of the Comprehensive Breast Health Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. She is a surgical oncologist at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and a leading researcher in quality of life after breast cancer.

Francesca Coltrera is a professional medical writer.

Josie Gardiner and Joy Prouty have been master trainers for more than 30 years.Josie also is a cancer survivor.

Library Journal

Kaelin (Comprehensive Health Ctr., Brigham and Women's Hospital, MA; Living Through Breast Cancer, LJ 2/15/05) believes in sweat equity as part of a breast cancer regimen. Working with fitness trainers and survivors, Kaelin offers a series of increasingly intense workouts to improve muscle tone, balance, bone strength, and general well-being. Along with the workout, Kaelin emphasizes diet, rest, and stress reduction, all areas within the patient's control. And isn't regaining some semblance of control the most important aspect of dealing with breast cancer. Head notes, sidebars, and clear illustrations add to the value of this guide. A sound approach from a known expert in the field. For all patient health collections. Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Front of the Class or Living in the Light

Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had

Author: Brad Cohen

As a child with Tourette syndrome, Brad Cohen was ridiculed, beaten, mocked, and shunned. Children, teachers, and even family members found it difficult to be around him. As a teen, he was viewed by many as purposefully misbehaving, even though he had little power over the twitches and noises he produced, especially under stress. Even today, Brad is sometimes ejected from movie theaters and restaurants.

But Brad Cohen's story is not one of self-pity. His unwavering determination and fiercely positive attitude conquered the difficulties he faced in school, in college, and while job hunting. Brad never stopped striving, and after twenty-four interviews, he landed his dream job: teaching grade school and nurturing all of his students as a positive, encouraging role model.

Books about: Gorgeous Garlic or Menu Del Dia

Living in the Light: A Guide to Personal and Planetary Transformation

Author: Shakti Gawain

"Living In The Light is very can transform your life." — Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of The Sky Is The Limit.

Since its publication more than a decade ago, Creative Visualization had helped thousands of people explore and connect with their higher selves and create dynamic changes in their lives. Now Shatki Gawain leads readers on a new journey of spiritual growth and fulfillment in Living In The Light. Using simple, effective exercises, meditations, and affirmations, Shatki Gawain gently shows you the path to getting in touch with your intuition and acting on it. Learning to trust the creativity that flows through the universe, the source of intuition, can transform your life in many ways by: creating new pattern for successful relationships, discovering the energy of the universe within your sexual being, finding the work that you love — and blurring the line between work and play, nurturing the spiritual power of your children, overcoming the negative thinking that limits your finances, health, and happiness. A clear and practical guide for developing your intuition, Living In The Light shows the way to greater aliveness and creativity and to a transformation of the world around you.

What People Are Saying

Wayne Dyer
Living in the Light is very can transform your life.

1500 Calorie A Day Cookbook or The Metabolism Advantage

1500-Calorie-A-Day Cookbook

Author: Nancy S Hughes

Eat up. Slim down. It’s just that easy--with just 1,500 delicious calories a day!

From the author of The 1,200-Calorie-a-Day Menu Cookbook, comes all new recipes for when you are counting calories but don’t want to sacrifice flavor, taste, or variety. While most low-calorie meal plans leave you hungry for more, this cookbook serves up a satisfying selection of energy-boosting breakfasts, fast-fix lunches, and delectable dinners--plus two healthy snacks and one guilt-free dessert--every single day! It’s hard to believe it’s just 1,500 calories.

Nancy S. Hughes is the author of nine cookbooks.
She has also developed recipes for 35 additional cookbooks, Weight Watchers, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, Better Homes & Gardens, and Betty Crocker.

Table of Contents:
Introduction Part 1: Breakfasts Part 2: Snacks & Appetizers Part 3: Lunches Part 4: Dinners Part 5: Desserts Appendix: Converting to Metrics

New interesting book: Intellectual Property or Wealth in America

The Metabolism Advantage: An 8-Week Program to Rev Up Your Body's Fat-Burning Machine---At Any Age

Author: John Berardi

With this powerful body transformation program, men and women discover how to kick their metabolism into high gear—and replace flab with lean, fat-burning muscle . . . in just 8 weeks

Revving up the body so that it optimizes nutrition and turns flab into lean body mass can be accomplished easily and quickly—and at any age, even after the body’s metabolism has supposedly slowed down. That’s what sought-after fitness trainer and nutrition expert John Berardi demonstrates in this new book.

Drawing on the best scientific research, including his own ongoing studies, Berardi has developed a supremely effective plan that enables his clients—who include athletes, models, and ordinary men and women of different fitness levels—to stoke their metabolic fires, burn more calories, build lean muscle, and improve their health, too! This unique three-pronged program includes:

• the Nutrition Plan, which provides recipes and meal plans that offer readers the foods that will teach their bodies to burn fat for fuel

• the Exercise Plan, which combines interval exercise and strength training to enable readers to burn more calories not only while they are working out but also after exercise

• the Supplement Plan, which identifies the essential compounds that kick the metabolism into high gear and improve general well-being

Publishers Weekly

Age-related weight gain is whittled down to size in this guide to boosting metabolism. Berardi's (Scrawny to Brawny) formula is basic: diet, exercise and supplements to build muscle and burn calories. He relates a common scenario: with age come sedentary lifestyles, convenience foods and increased stress. While many people actually eat less as they age, Berardi says, at the end of their 20s they begin to lose five to 10 pounds of muscle each decade. The results: weight gain, free radical damage and greater risk for serious health conditions. He points out that eating fewer calories is self-defeating, while eating more of the right foods at the right time and targeted supplementation increase metabolism even for those genetically disposed to lower rates. Since muscle burns calories most efficiently, exercise is the core of the program. Berardi, who has trained professional athletes, is a congenial coach, but the five hours per week of strength training (weights) and cardio workouts may be an obstacle for those not already exercising regularly. Still, Berardi provides tools for keeping on point meal plans, recipes, routines and options to customize and his promise of never counting calories again just might motivate readers to invest in a gym membership. (Sept.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Pause or The Fussy Eaters Recipe Book

The Pause: Positive Approaches to Perimenopause and Menopause

Author: Lonnie Barbach

"Informative and up-to-date . . . Barbach's trusted and knowledgeable voice is both supportive and challenging."-San Francisco Chronicle

Since its original publication in 1993, The Pause has become known as the authoritative guide to menopause-a previously overlooked topic of great importance to women. The significant amount of new research on menopause and perimenopause amassed in recent years has led bestselling author Lonnie Barbach to completely revise and update this groundbreaking classic. Important additions include eight entirely new sections on topics such as SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators), phytoestrogens, and the impact of menopause on the female immune system. This additional research is combined with new information about menopause and mood, weight gain during menopausal transition, breast cancer survivors taking estrogen, the positive effect of estrogen on dementia and Alzheimer's, and new alternatives to traditional HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for managing hot flashes, improving bone density, and assisting breast cancer survivors. All together, the latest edition of The Pause is a must-have resource for any woman facing the "next third" of her life.

Book review: Tell Me What to Eat If I Have Headaches And Migraines or Peanuts Lunchtime Cookbook

The Fussy Eaters' Recipe Book: 135 Quick, Tasty and Healthy Recipes That Your Kids Will Actually Eat

Author: Annabel Karmel

In homes around the country, parents are fighting a difficult battle: trying to get their picky eaters to eat healthy foods without ruining family mealtime. We all know that it is critical for kids to develop sound eating habits at a young age to set them up for a lifetime of good health. However, as any time-crunched parent will tell you, it is all too easy to give in to your child's refusal to eat anything but chicken fingers and French fries. Children's food expert Annabel Karmel is here to help with 135 fast, yummy, and nutritious recipes that will tempt even the fussiest eaters.
In The Fussy Eaters' Recipe Book, Annabel shows how to sneak fruits and vegetables into child-friendly recipes to boost their nutritional content. Her Bolognese pasta sauce is packed with five different kinds of veggies -- and tastes just like the kids' menu favorite. But Annabel also believes that it's important for kids to learn to actually like healthy meals. An expert on the mind-set of fussy eaters, she provides sound strategies that can coax even the pickiest child to try new foods. You'll be amazed that salmon, sweet potatoes, and even spinach can develop into foods that your child will want to eat, and before you know it, mealtime will actually be something the whole family looks forward to.
In The Fussy Eaters' Recipe Book, you will find:
- Healthy versions of junk food classics - Simple, easy-to-prepare food that the whole family will enjoy - Nutritious snacks to entice even the fussiest eaters - Recipes for gluten-intolerant children - Delicious and nutrient-packed desserts

Table of Contents:

foreword 4
top tips for fussy eaters 6
brilliant breakfasts 13
not-so-yucky vegetables 35
funky fish 65
pasta, please 89
cheeky chicken 109
mmm - eat 135
gluten-free and gorgeous 151
cookies and cakes 173
fruity finishes 199
index 218

The Arthritis Cure or Gut Solutions

The Arthritis Cure

Author: Jason Theodosakis

Since its original publication in 1996, The Arthritis Cure has swept the nation, providing amazing relief for the millions who suffer chronic arthritis pain. By outlining a nine-point program that includes a new effective supplement, ASU, The Arthritis Cure Revised Edition describes a program that can halt, reverse, and possibly even cure degenerative osteoarthritis.
This invaluable resource promises readers the most up-to-date information for following Dr. Theodosakis's program, including:

*Dr. Theo's ratings of the current supplements on the market
*An all new and improved exercise program
*Dietary changes that may help treat arthritis
*New studies supporting The Arthritis Cure to treat arthritic symptoms

Interesting textbook:

Gut Solutions: Natural Solutions for Your Digestive Conditions

Author: Brenda Watson

Guides the reader through the most commonly recognized digestive disorders and provides easy-to-understand natural solutions with colorful pictures and illustrations.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Self Healing or Lose Your Mummy Tummy

Self Healing: Creating Your Health

Author: Louise L Hay

Hay focuses on how we create disease and disharmony and why we choose illness over health. The guided visualization on recreating wholeness and vitality will assist listeners in creating and maintaining a healthy body.

Go to:

Lose Your Mummy Tummy: Flatten Your Stomach Now Using the Groundbreaking Tupler Technique

Author: Julie Tupler

A groundbreaking yet simple set of exercises that will flatten the dreaded "mummy tummy"-regardless of a woman's age or when she had a baby.

Pregnancy naturally separates a mother's outermost abdominal muscles to make room for her growing uterus. Called a diastasis, this separation doesn't fully close up in 98 percent of new moms. The larger the diastasis, the weaker the muscles and the greater chance for mom to develop back problems down the road. Of perhaps greater concern for moms, new and veteran alike, the larger the diastasis, the bigger the belly that just won't seem to go away after baby's delivery!

Lose Your Mummy Tummy introduces the Tupler Technique, a set of deceptively simple abdominal and breathing exercises that decrease the diastasis and result in a firmer, flatter, and stronger belly. Like Kegels-those all-important and privately-practiced pregnancy exercises-the Tupler Technique can be practiced almost anywhere and at anytime. Including illustrations for a 15 or a 30-minute at-home exercise routine, Lose Your Mummy Tummy ensures:

A tighter, flatter stomach

A smaller waistline

A reduction or elimination of back pain

The ability to safely lift your baby and heavy objects

More energy

Better posture

The perfect preparation for your next pregnancy

"By continuing to do the 'Tupler Technique' exercises every day your Mummy Tummy will go away, and that aching back will disappear as well." (Elle Macpherson, model and actress)

Author Biography: Julie Tupler, R.N., is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and childbirth educator. As President and founder of Maternal Fitness, a prenatal/postpartum exercise program, Julie has trained thousands of new moms, fitness professionals, and childbirth experts at her Manhattan studio and at seminars around the country. She is on the advisory boards of Fit Pregnancy magazine,, and The Woman's Sports Foundation.

Jodie Gould is an award-winning author and writer. She is also a book publicist.

Both women live in New York.

What People Are Saying

Sherry Stringfield
Sherry Stringfield, actress,"ER"
I owe my abdominal and upper body strength immediately after having my daughter to Julie Tupler's Mummy Tummy program. Thank you!

Elle Macpherson
Elle Macpherson, model and actress
By continuing to do the 'Tupler Technique' exercises every day your Mummy Tummy will go away, and that aching back will disappear as well.

Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction or The Sugar Solution

Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction: 7 Essential Ingredients for Living a Prosperous Life

Author: Jack Canfield

A Roadmap to Achieving Your Innermost Dreams

Do you ever wonder why some people always seem to be at the right place at the right time, enjoying good fortune, health, the ideal mate, happy kids, and achieve more than the average person could ever imagine? Have you wondered what makes them so 'lucky' or well connected? People who enjoy a heighted state of living and have their dreams and goals realized to their fullest potential have tapped into one of the oldest and influential principles for living a fulfilled life—the Law of Attraction. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction teaches you what you need to know about living the Law of Attraction and how to create your own personal success through its concepts.

Master coaches and experts in the Law of Attraction Jeanna Gabellini and Eva Gregory and one of the superstar contributors to the The Secret, Jack Canfield, have come together to share with you the powerful and life changing lessons and techniques of the Law of Attraction.

Filled with exercises, lessons, real-life stories, and proven key ingredients, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction reveals how to master the law's basic tenets, which include: defining moments in life, creating space to create prosperity, acting 'as if,' trusting in intuition, transforming thought, having an 'attitude of gratitude,' and changing the impossible to possible. People have been using these techniques for thousands of years to attract their desires and now you too will be able to create the life of your dreams.

Book review: Introductory Stochastic Analysis for Finance and Insurance or Introduction to the Counseling Profession

The Sugar Solution: Your Symptoms Are Real - And Your Solution Is Here

Author: Prevention Magazin

The link between high blood sugar and type II diabeters is well known, but many people don't realize that blood sugar imbalances can set the stage for a host of health problems--from unexplained weight gain, fatigue, and poor concentration to heart disease and stroke. Prevention's THE SUGAR SOLUTION provides the necessary tools to identify and correct high blood sugar - and drop excess pounds, replenish energy stores, and reduce disease risk in the process.

The Sugar Solution draws on a bombination of scientific research and expert opinion to shape a comprehensive, practical lifestyle strategy for balancing blood sugar. By following an eating plan that emphasizes smart carbs, good fats, and plenty of fiber; incorporating more movement into your daily routine; and taking steps to defuse stress, you can rein in out-of-control blood sugar and transform your health - in as little as 28 days.

Table of Contents:
Introduction     vii
Why Blood Sugar Matters
The "Sweet" Crisis     3
The Sugar Solution Quiz: What's Your Risk?     11
Lose Weight at Last!     19
The Benefits of Balance
Your Blood Sugar Control System: An Owner's Manual     29
Ancient Body, Modern Life: The Blood Sugar Mismatch     35
Food for Thought-Or Memory Robber?     45
The Sugar Solution Eating Plan
Eat Well for Life: Better Than a Diet!     55
30 Smart Food and Weight-Loss Strategies     71
The Sugar Solution Kitchen     103
Making Healthy Restaurant Choices     117
Sweets, Treats, and Cheats     127
The Truth about Supplements     131
Slim and Sleek: Fitness for Better Blood Sugar
The Active Life-A Plan for Busy People     141
The New Walking Workout     155
Strength Training in 10 Minutes a Day     167
Soothe Stress, Control Blood Sugar
The Healing Power of Ahhh     187
Beyond Bubble Baths: Tension Tamers That Work     199
A Good Night's Sleep, At Last     207
Putting It All Together: The Sugar Solution Lifestyle Makeover
28 Days to Better Health and a Slimmer You     215
Solutions for Specific Blood Sugar Problems
Metabolic Syndrome: Your Odds Are One inFour     257
Prediabetes: More Than a "Touch of Sugar"     263
Diabetes: The New American Epidemic     271
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: The Hidden Fertility Robber     283
Pregnancy Diabetes: Risks for Babies and Moms     293
Childhood Diabetes: Kids in Crisis     303
60-Plus Mouthwatering Recipes     311
Index     375

Worried No More or The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Swimming

Worried No More: Help and Hope for Anxious Children

Author: Aureen Pinto Wagner

About 13% or over 6.5 million children and adolescents in the US suffer from serious anxiety, making it the most common emotional problem in youngsters. Anxious children may suffer serious problems in their school, social and family lives. Help is now available for these anxious children. Success rates with the right treatment are excellent. The sooner children are treated, the sooner they can get back to the business of growing up, learning and being happy.

In an age where children witness unspeakable horrors and violence that ignites tremendous anxiety, Dr. Aureen Wagner brings hope and effective strategies for parents, schools and health care professionals who care for children. Worried No More is packed with effective practical guidance, specific how-to steps and ready-to-use forms and tools for parents, educators and healthcare professionals to help children overcome anxiety. Worried No More focuses on helping children cope with disasters and tragedies, panic, phobias, worry, school refusal, separation anxiety, excessive shyness, obsessions and compulsions.

About the Author:
Dr. Aureen Pinto Wagner is a Clinical Child Psychologist and Director of The OCD and Anxiety Consultancy in Rochester, NY. She is also the author of the critically acclaimed books What to do when your Child has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Strategies and Solutions and Up and Down the Worry Hill. Dr. Wagner provides training workshops and consultation for clinicians and school personnel in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for OCD and anxiety. She frequently presents seminars and leads discussion groups on anxiety for parents and families, and contributes to radio, television and newspapers as an expert on anxiety-related topics. Dr. Wagner lives in Rochester, NY with her family.

Library Journal

These two books build on each other. Written by a clinical psychologist specializing in cognitive-behavioral treatment for anxiety disorders, Help for Worried Kids introduces the topic of childhood anxiety disorders. The text opens with a discussion of the causes of childhood anxiety, its many "faces," and how to identify an anxious child. The second part is dedicated to the disorders themselves, with each chapter offering an in-depth examination that includes prevention, diagnosis, personal narratives, and advice on helping children gain control over fear and anxiety. A good selection of resources, check lists, and worksheets rounds out the text. This book is geared to concerned parents looking for help in determining whether their child's uneasiness is reason for concern. In contrast, Worried No More is geared not only to parents but also to school and healthcare professionals; it reads like a training guide for those with a daily need to understand and help children experiencing serious anxiety. Clinical child psychologist Wagner has a unique approach to making cognitive-behavioral therapy applicable to youngsters. As in the first edition, she begins by identifying normal fears and anxieties and considering when they become problematic. She then addresses the most common anxiety problems and disorders, discussing causes, therapies, and medications and what parents can do to help. Finally, she expands the strategies beyond the family to what schools can do. This book considers challenges and strategies in detail, carefully addressing how a parent can develop a systematic and goal-directed approach with the school to implement an effective action plan for the child there. Though both books are recommended for public libraries, Wagner offers far more tools, practical and well researched, for effectively helping anxious children and is recommended for academic libraries as well.-Kari Ramstrom, MLIS, Plymouth, MN Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

Go to: The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth or Overcoming Depression One Step at a Time

The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Swimming

Author: Robert Pric

The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Swimming is a must have for any competitive swimmer looking to accelerate his or her skills. Complete with year-round workout programs-designed specifically for swimming, there is no longer a reason to follow a general fitness routine. By doing exercises that target swimming specific muscles, you will be exercising more efficiently as well as optimizing your performance in the water.

The programs can be followed by both men & women 14 years of age & over, regardless of weight training experience. With 100+ photographs of 80 different exercises, this book is the ultimate resource for weight training for swimming. Maximize Your Athletic Potential through sport-specific training and make next season your best yet!

Table of Contents:
Part ISwimming Specific Training
Off-season Program10
Preseason Program17
In-season Program19
Part IIGetting Started33
Warming Up35
Cooling Down36
Proper Form51
Proper Breathing52
Part IIIRecommended Exercises53
Substituting Similar Exercises55
Chest Exercises55
Back (Lats) Exercises62
Shoulders Exercises68
Triceps Exercises78
Biceps/Forearms Exercises83
Legs Exercises89
Part IVThe Necessities97
Perfecting Your Technique99
Estimating Your One-Rep Max100
The Different Folks, Different Strokes Principle107
Overtraining and Staleness108
The Declaration of Variation110
Muscle Fibers112
Training Techniques114
When to Increase117
Safety Reminders124
Record Keeping126
Test Yourself129
Part VSupplemental 4-Week Programs131
Endurance/Stamina/Fat-burning Programs133
General Fitness/Power Programs147
Strength Programs161

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rethinking Thin or Champions Body for Life

Rethinking Thin: The New Science of Weight Loss--And the Myths and Realities of Dieting

Author: Gina Kolata

and/or stickers showing their discounted price. More about bargain books

Table of Contents:


1: Looking for Diets in All the Wrong Places................................9
2: Epiphanies and Hucksters.................................................31
ONE MONTH...................................................................61
3: Oh, to Be as Thin as Jennifer Aniston (or Brad Pitt).....................65
TWO MONTHS..................................................................81
4: A Voice in the Wilderness................................................85
THREE MONTHS................................................................101
5: A Drive to Eat...........................................................107
FIVE MONTHS.................................................................127
6: Insatiable, Voracious Appetites..........................................131
SIX MONTHS..................................................................153
7: The Girl Who Had No Leptin...............................................157
TEN MONTHS..................................................................183
8: The Fat Wars.............................................................187
TWO YEARS...................................................................213

Read also

Champions Body for Life (Body for Life Series)

Author: Art Carey

The all-new official guide to the Body-for-LIFE Challenge, with success secrets and tips to help you win your own personal Body-for-LIFE Challenge, by Body-for-LIFE Challengers and Champions from the past 10 years.

Champions Body-for-LIFE is not just another diet or fitness book—it's a book of personal transformation. The Body-for-LIFE 12-week journey has changed the lives of millions. What makes it so successful?

It's Simple. It Works.
All it takes:

  • 12 weeks
  • 4 hours of exercise per week
  • 6 small, balanced, and nutritious meals per day—never be hungry again

Now, Body-for-LIFE Champions and Challengers share how they created new and better lives for themselves, simply by following these three rules:

1. Know your reasons for changing (Chapter 2)
2. Write them down (Chapter 3)
3. Get started (Chapter 4)

You do have the power to change your body, your mind, your life.

Read how men and women become Champions as you follow the 12-week story of two Body-for-LIFE Challengers. Mark Unger, a major in the U.S. Marine Corps, and Alexa Adair, a college student, share their personal Journeys of Transformation—from their Decisive Moments, to Starting the Challenge, Week 12, and a year later. Week by week, they chronicle the excitement, the tough moments, and the life-transforming experience of finishing their own personal Challenges.

Science Shows Body-for-LIFE Works

For more than 10 years, millionsof people have proven with their real-life transformations that Body-for-LIFE works. Now science shows it works, too! In a clinical study of overweight men and women, the people who followed Body-for-LIFE:

  • Lost approximately twice as much body and belly fat as the control group and moderate exercise higher-carb group
  • Decreased body fat by 21 percent on average
  • Decreased body weight by 11 pounds on average
  • Decreased belly fat by 26 percent on average

Champions Body-for-LIFE is for everyone—whether you're starting your first Body-for-LIFE Challenge or your fourth.

Year of Living Your Yoga or Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide

Year of Living Your Yoga: Daily Practices to Shape Your Life

Author: Judith Hanson Lasater

Judith Hanson Lasater has been teaching an annual yoga retreat at Feathered Pipe Ranch, in Helena, Montana, for 28 years. When she learned that one of her students was collecting Lasater's thoughts--which she called "Judith's aphorisms"--Lasater decided to collect them in this book. Featuring one thought for each day of the year, along with a suggested practice, these brief, powerful insights reflect the author's knowledge of classic yoga philosophy and years of experience. Humorous, inspiring, and surprisingly down-to-earth, they guide seekers both on and off the yoga mat. These aphorisms address love, asana, fear, trust, expectations, pranayama, suffering, laughter, presence, the Yoga Sutra, and much more. They emphasize the experience of being present to one's self and to life's ups and downs--day by day, breath by breath, moment by moment. A Year of Living Your Yoga is a gentle invitation to readers to know themselves on a deeper level.

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Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide

Author: Harvard Medical School

The Harvard Medical School provides state-of-the-art health care to millions of Americans. Now, with this newly updated guidebook you can benefit from the expertise of more than 8,000 health professionals from some of the nation's most esteemed hospitals and research centers.

Today Americans have a better chance of living longer, healthier lives than ever before. But before we can utilize the benefits of modern medicine we must learn how to manage our own health. The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide is an essential, empowering resource that can help you to navigate our health care system with ease and confidence. Whether you depend on traditional fee-for-service care or subscribe to an HMO, this comprehensive volume will provide you with all the medical know-how you need at every stage of life, including:

• up-to-the-minute information about the diagnosis and treatment of hundreds of medical conditions, including the latest breakthroughs in diagnostic testing and the newest drug discoveries

• an easy-to-understand introduction to our health care system and how to navigate it

• expert advice on how to make the most of the time spent with your doctor

• the benefits and side effects of many brand-name and generic drugs

• what to do in case of a medical emergency

• suggestions for healthy living and disease prevention

• first-person survival stories and testimonials

• coping strategies from the country's most renowned physicians

• the latest scientific studies on low-carbohydrate diets, nutrition, and good health

...and much more. Withsymptom charts, benefit/risk-assessment graphs, resource listings, a full glossary, even personal medical forms, this guidebook is the key to getting the best health care possible for you and your family.

Library Journal

The linking of a web site to the text of this exhaustive compendium of consumer health information assures readers that it will never go out of date. Though the publisher promises that the site will be free, it will only "make sense" when used in conjunction with the printed version. The topics covered are not substantially different from those found in any other quality consumer health encyclopedia (e.g., Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, LJ 12/90), but the format differs substantially, and the treatment of all topics is more in-depth. Divided into ten parts, the text begins with a discussion on how to navigate current healthcare systems; the major areas then covered include health maintenance, how diseases are diagnosed, symptom management illustrated by numerous decision trees, and diseases and disorders. There are also sections on the management of health problems specific to men and women, adolescents, children, and the aged, with a profusion of line drawings and exceptionally understandable explanations of the benefits and risks of a variety of treatments, both surgical and nonsurgical. "Home remedies" for a variety of ailments are included, as are current opinions from Harvard physicians. Appendixes consist of medical terminology, information resources (including web sites), and medical forms. This low-priced, content-heavy work is highly recommended for all public and consumer health libraries. [Previewed in Prepub Alert, LJ 6/15/99; index and color plates not seen.]--Martha Stone, Massachusetts General Hosp. Lib., Boston Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information.

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Facial Fitness or Sugar Busters Quick Easy Cookbook

Facial Fitness

Author: Patricia Goroway

You exercise your body and look and feel great - why not the muscles of your face? Patricia Goroway has perfected an easy and effective way to refresh and rejuvenate the face naturally, in just minutes a day and without costly, risky surgery. Her regimen of simple exercises and massages targets specific muscles in order to tone, shape, and refine your features.

  • Isolates problem areas like frown lines, puffy eyes, crow's-feet, double chin and more.
  • Improves the complexion and relaxes the facial expression
  • Eliminates fine lines and wrinkles
  • Thins and defines nose
  • Alleviates symptoms of Bell's palsy and TMJ disorder

The Facial Fitness program is easy to learn: just follow the simple step-by-step instructions on the DVD or in the book. Facial Fitness is also filled with advice on everything from how to choose face-friendly cosmetics and skin-care products to tips of good nutrition. And the results are remarkable: healthy, fresh-looking skin and a more youthful appearances.

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Sugar Busters! Quick & Easy Cookbook

Author: H Leighton Steward

Which other diet allows you to drink a glass of red wine in the evening? The SUGAR BUSTERS! lifestyle is revolutionizing the way America eats, offering a safe, scientifically sound program for improving health and losing weight.

Now the #1 New York Times bestselling team who forever changed the face of dieting has created the SUGAR BUSTERS! Quick & Easy Cookbook, a delicious new collection of more than 150 simple-to-make recipes and menu ideas. With this wonderful cookbook, the SUGAR BUSTERS! eating program can easily become part of your daily routine. Forget counting calories, weighing your food, and trying to figure out those confusing charts and graphs. The SUGAR BUSTERS! Quick & Easy Cookbook makes preparing tasty, low-sugar or sugar-free fare a snap.

Inside you'll discover


Whether you're hosting an elaborate holiday bash or a spur-of-the-moment intimate evening for two, or you just need a quick dinner for you and your family, the SUGAR BUSTERS! Quick & Easy Cookbook will help you create the perfect meal.

Bob Greenes Total Body Makeover or Alternative Cures

Bob Greene's Total Body Makeover

Author: Bob Green

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Alternative Cures: The Most Effective Natural Home Remedies for 160 Health Problems

Author: Bill Gottlieb

As the editor-in-chief of Prevention Magazine Health Books, Bill Gottlieb created the 10-million copy self-care bestseller, The Doctors Book of Home Remedies, and was the author of the 1.5 million copy alternative health bestseller, New Choices in Natural Healing. Now, Bill has once again created a groundbreaking booka book that can help anyone safely, successfully and naturally self-treat 160 everyday and serious health conditions: Alternative Cures. To write this unique book, Bill interviewed over 300 of America's top natural cliniciansdoctors, herbalists, nutritionists and more. You'll discover over 1000 of their most effective, practical and safest natural remedies for an A-to-Z of health problems, from arthritis, back pain and high cholesterol, to repetitive strain injury, weight gain and yeast infections. Plus, every chapter of Alternative Cures has a guide to the best alternative and conventional professional care for the condition it covers. And, you'll find essential safety information for every remedy featured in the book. Once you look at it, we think you'll agree: There's never been a more useful, reader-friendly, get-better book about alternative health and healing than Alternative Cures.

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The Anti Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book or The Thinking Womans Guide to a Better Birth

The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book: Protect Yourself and Your Family from Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergies and More

Author: Jessica K Black

The connection between inflammation and heart disease, arthritis, and other chronic ailments has become increasingly clear. Many food allergies and poor dietary choices overstimulate the immune system and cause inflammatory responses that erode the body's wellness and pave the path for ill health. Based on her naturopathic practice, Jessica Black has devised a complete program for how to eat and cook to minimize and even prevent inflammation and its consequences. The first part of the book explains the benefits of the anti-inflammatory diet with an accessible discussion of the science behind it. The second half contains 108 recipes. The author offers many substitution suggestions and includes a healthy ingredient tip with each recipe. Most of the dishes can be prepared quickly and easily by even novice cooks. A week of sample menus for summer months and another for winter are included, as well as a substitutions chart, allowing readers to modify their favorite recipes to increase their healing potential.

Table of Contents:


Why an Anti-Inflammation Diet?....................1
Chapter 1: Modern Health Paradigms....................2
The Role of Primary Care What Is Naturopathic Medicine? How Disease Begins The Flaw in Germ Theory The Health of Our Children Equals the Health of Our Future What Do We Mean by "Anti-Inflammation Diet"? Chapter 2: Inflammation: What's the Big Deal?....................12
What Is Inflammation? Inflammation and Chronic Disease Stress and Inflammation The Harm in Chronic Use of Anti-Inflammatory Medication Chapter 3: The Importance of Diet....................23
Mitigating the Effects of Toxic Overload You Really Are What You Eat Food Allergies, Food Intolerances, and Inflammation Certain Foods That Contribute to Inflammation Symptoms of Food Allergies Other Common Food Allergies Chapter 4: The Anti-Inflammation Diet....................34
The Building Blocks Eat More of These Foods Lifestyle Choices Mealtime Recommendations A Few More Suggestions Chapter 5: How to Use This Book....................48
Converting Yourself and Your Family Be Prepared Modifying Recipes Helpful Items to Have in the Kitchen Sample Menus Recipes....................55
Appetizers, Side Dishes, Seasonings, and Spreads....................56
Breads, Muffins, and Tortillas....................89
Teas and Other Beverages....................116
Sweet Things....................207
Appendix:Substitutions Chart....................226
Online Resources....................232

The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth

Author: Henci Goer

Practical Information for a Safe, Satisfying Childbirth
Award winning medical writer and birth activist Henci Goer gives clear, concise information based on the latest medical studies. Goer will help you compare and contrast your various options and show you how to avoid unnecessary procedures, drugs, restrictions, and tests. The book covers:


Henci Goer specializes in birth issues. Her previous book, *Obstetric Myths Versus Research Realities*, is a highly-acclaimed resource for childbirth professionals. Goer has written consumer education pamphlets and numerous articles for magazines as diverse as Reader's Digest and Childbirth Instructor. For nearly 20 years, Goer has been a Lamaze-certified childbirth educator and labor support professional (doula).

What People Are Saying

Penny Simkin
In Henci Goer, thinking women have a champion, and maternity caregivers have a challenger. Henci has applied her impressive intellect, wisdom, writing skills, common sense, and wit to produce The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth. She analyzes and makes sense of a prodigious amount of recent obstetric research, boils it down, and summarizes its findings. And, on the basis of these findings, she makes practical recommendations for better births. Not one to pull the wool over anyone's eyes, Henci lets the reader in on her whole thinking process, providing scientific references, summaries of the articles, and logical recommendations-all in a highly readable, user-friendly format.
Penny Simkin, P.T. internationally known speaker, birth educator, doula, doula-trainer co-author of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn and author of The Birth Partner

Don Creevy
With the help of this book, any intelligent person can obtain the information necessary to make informed choices. This unique book will provide the tools and confidence to have the best possible birth experience.
Don Creevy, M.D., FACOG obstetrician-gynecologist,Clinical Assistant Professor, Stanford University Medical School

Maureen P. Corry
The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth puts the power of the latest scientific research into the hands of women to help them discern the facts from the myths and make informed decisions about their maternity care.
Maureen P. Corry, M.P.H. Executive Director, Maternity Center Association