Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Childhood Emergencies or Herbs for a Healthy Pregnancy

Childhood Emergencies: What to Do - A Quick Reference Guide

Author: Marin Child Care Council

Children are especially prone to accidents and medical emergencies, and relying on medical references designed for adults can be costly in every way. Childhood Emergencies addresses this problem simply but comprehensively. Written by the staff of the respected Marin Child Care Council, this book is widely used by parents, schools, and daycare centers as a handy source for current, reliable information in a practical flip-book format. Topics include burns, cuts and wounds, broken bones, abdominal pain, toothaches, eye and ear injuries, choking, insect or animal bites, abrasions, and bleeding. Also included is information on when to call for medical assistance.

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Herbs for a Healthy Pregnancy: From Conception to Childbirth

Author: Penelope Ody

In this essential guide for new mothers, one of the world's leading herbalists provides information for each stage of a woman's pregnancy, from conception to the immediate postpartum period. Beginning with a brief overview outlining fetal development and the changes women can expect during the 40 weeks of pregnancy, this book then details each pregnancy-related ailment—from potential miscarriage, anemia, and urinary and kidney problems to cramping, hemorrhoids, sleeplessness, and thrush and Candida—and offers suggestions for remedies from both Western and Chinese herbal traditions. Comprehensive and accessible, the book features a section on breast-feeding, a chart summarizing the baby's first twelve weeks, a complete materia medica, and:Complete information about the 30 to 40 most relevant herbs for use during pregnancy and childbirth A look at fertility problems and herbs to avoid for anyone planning a pregnancy Simple instructions for making teas, infused oils, massage oils, and tinctures

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